JIDS was archived on May 12, 2021. Only state Compact Offices can access JIDS through May 17, 2022.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge do not support saving PDFs with Adobe Reader.

Microsoft 10, Edge, and Internet Explorer

Microsoft 10 sets the Edge browser as the default browser. JIDS will not work properly in Edge. 

The icon is a blue and green swirl:


Saving e-forms will not work in Edge.

Users can still access Internet Explorer by searching for it and then pinning it to your taskbar to use with JIDS:

  • Go to the bottom left of your taskbar and type in Internet Explorer (it will bring up Edge and Internet Explorer, but select Internet Explorer):


  • With Internet Explorer open, find the icon in your taskbar
  • Right click your mouse over the icon to see the menu, then select “Pin to Taskbar”



This will keep the Internet Explorer icon on your taskbar for use with JIDS. Then login to JIDS from Internet Explorer 11. 

Mozilla Firefox

In March 2017, Mozilla Firefox released version 52 which no longer supported the Adobe Reader plugin, among other NPAPI plugins. This version of the Firefox browser no longer supports opening PDFs with Adobe Reader in JIDS. 

The options to use JIDS with these browsers are:

  1. Use Internet Explorer instead, or 
  2. Download the FileBound Viewer to use with JIDS. This is similar to the web viewer but is an alternate way to view, save, and edit documents within the system.  

View attached instructions for downloading and installing the FileBound Viewer.

Your account must be adjusted to set the FileBound Viewer as your default. Please contact the helpdesk if you intend to use the FileBound Viewer at support@juvenilecompact.org 




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