Why isn't the user I added in User Management showing up in my User List?

Are you trying to add a user to JIDS via User Management but the account does not appear in your User List?

If the user account was previously added to JIDS but was deactivated (login access removed and state group assignment removed), they will no longer appear in your User List. Because the username is the unique field in the database, the account cannot be re-added, it must be reactivated by the JIDS Helpdesk.

Why was the account deactivated?

User accounts are deactivated one of two ways:  

  1. At the request of the state compact office, or
  2. During a user account cleanup, as part of a Performance Measurement Assessment. This occurred in 2016 and 2017. States were emailed a list of their users who have not accessed JIDS in the previous 6 month period. Compact offices are responsible for following up with those users to determine if they still require access to JIDS. If so, the users are to login to JIDS and update their password. If they do not do so during a specified timeframe, the account will automatically be deactivated.  Only a state compact office can request and authorize reactivation of a deactivated account. Would you like to obtain your state's list of deactivated users from the 2016 and 2017 Performance Measurement Assessment? Email the JIDS Helpdesk.


How can I know if an account was previously active but is now deactivated?

  1. Compact offices can keep track of their user deactivation lists that are sent to Commissioners during the Performance Measurement Assessment follow-up. 
  2. Compact offices can perform a search to determine if a User Agreement associated with the user was previously submitted:

Search for a User Agreement to identify a previously activated account

  1. Go to the Search page
  2. On the Project drop-down menu, select JIDS User Agreements qt_237_1_large.jpg
  3. Enter the username and/or first and last name and searchqt_237_2_large.jpg
  4. If the user previously activated an account associated with their email address, a User Agreement will appear in the search results. To reactivate this user and place them back on your User List, please contact the JIDS Heldpesk. 
  5. If the user does not have a User Agreement on file, they still could have an account that was never activated but was removed from your user list. If you are unsure, please contact the JIDS Helpdesk.

Because usernames are unique, compact offices will not be able to re-add a user who is already in the database but does not appear on your user list. 

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