Why can't I remove a Communication Request assignment?

When a compact office sends a communication request to another compact office, they must select the recipient based upon the JIDS state group. Clicking the icon to select the group provides a list of abbreviated state ICJO (Interstate Compact for Juveniles Office) groups:


Selecting a state that is not the Sending or Receiving State on the juvenile's File Details page will assign the file to a state that does not have interest in the case. As such, they will be unable to view the file contents or remove the workflow.

The file will appear on the Global Assignments page, but it will not be listed under the Communication Request sub-menu:


If you have received a Communication Request that has no workflow icons and the file contents are not viewable, please submit a request to the JIDS Helpdesk at support@juvenilecompact.org to remove the request. 

A list of state abbreviations is provided in the document link below as a quick reference.



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