How do I unlock a locked account?

Enhanced security features include automatic account lockouts after 5 unsuccessful login attempts.

On the 5th unsuccessful login attempt, a user will receive the following message:



Subsequent login attempts will display the following message:



Solution: Resubmit your User Agreement form to unlock your account. Click here to see steps to resubmit your User Agreement.

If you require a password reset, use the "Help! I forgot my password." link. If you do not receive the password reset email, please ask your email administrator or IT department to investigate as the email may be filtered as junk or spam and not delivered to your inbox. Alternately, contact your compact office who can unlock your account. 


State compact office users can unlock their state's user accounts via User Management by following the steps below:

  1. Access User Management                     UserMGMT.jpg
  2. Check the Add/Edit Toggle box
  3. Select the user from the User List. If the account is locked, it will show up as Inactive*UMEdits3.png
  4. On the last drop-down item, change the status from "Inactive" to "Active"UMEdits4.png
  5. If the user needs a password reset, you can enter a new password during this process. Important: ensure that the new password meets the requirements:
  • Be a minimum length of eight (8) characters
  • Include a mix of lowercase and uppercase
  • Include one special character (!*&%, etc.)
  • Include one number
  • Not be a dictionary word or proper name
  • Not be the same as the User ID
  • Not be identical to the previous ten (10) passwords.
  1. Click "Save user Info"
  2. The account is now active and the user may login. 

If you attempt to save a new or existing account with a password that does not meet the Strong Password requirements, you will receive the following message:


*A new user account will also show up as Inactive if they have not yet submitted the User Agreement. This is required to activate new accounts. For new user login issues, first ensure the user has submitted a User Agreement.

 If you're unsure, search User Agreements via the Search feature in JIDS by selecting "JIDS User Agreement" on the Project drop-down menu: 


Enter the user name, or search by any of the fields available:


If the user has submitted their User Agreement, their account will show up in the search results. If the activation was successful, the Activation Status will say "Activated". Click on the document if you wish to view the User Agreement: 



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