Scan an Attachment in JIDS

How to Scan an Attachment in JIDS

Although JIDS is an electronic system, there are some documents that you will receive in paper format that you will need to scan and upload to the system.  These documents may include but are not limited to:

  • Signed ICJ forms
  • Juvenile medical or school records
  • Arrest reports
  • Other miscellaneous support documentation that would normally be stored in a juvenile’s file

These documents can be scanned using your office’s scanning tool – ie a document scanner attached to your computer, a multifunctional device (scanner/printer/fax) on a network, etc.

When you scan a document(s), save your scanned documents to a directory on your network or local computer (such as your desktop) where you can easily access them.

It is recommended that you scan your documents in black and white at 200 DPI.   This will help the images remain at a manageable size and will not delay load time once inside JIDS.

After the documents you would like to attach to a file have been scanned, please refer to the Adding an Attachment to a Juvenile File section in the How To’s to see how to add documents to a file.

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