Compact Office Initiated Routings

Compact Office Initiated Workflows - The first step in a workflow route (not including “Ad hoc to Individual User” or “Communication Request” routes ) is to notify the sending or home/demanding state of the action in JIDS. When a field officer initiates a workflow, they see the following pop-up:



The file then goes to their compact office’s Global Assignments page for reviewing and forwarding to the receiving or holding state. This is because all interstate compact business is required to go through compact offices (See Rule 2-104).

However, if the compact office is initiating the workflow, they have to do both steps: 1) initiate the workflow route and 2) send the file to the receiving or holding state.

After initiating a workflow route, the compact office user will see the same pop-up noting that the “Document routed successfully.”

Then, the web viewer will refresh and workflow icons appear below the form. Use these icons to send the file to the receiving or holding state:

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