Non-Voluntary / Non-Voluntary Apprehended Return Workflows

Non-Voluntary Return

Workflow edited January 14, 2019

This workflow is not initiated manually but is triggered by actions in either the Juvenile Apprehended or Request to Apprehend Juvenile workflows.

If a juvenile refuses to return voluntarily as indicated by the Juvenile Apprehended in Holding State or Request to Apprehend Juvenile workflow, the Non-Voluntary & Non-Voluntary Apprehended Return workflows monitor the 5-business day requirement for the Home/Demanding State to return the juvenile.

After the initial 5-business day due date passes, the Home/Demanding State has the option to request a 5-business day extension if both state ICJ Offices are in agreement. The Holding State is notified of the extension.

The workflow completes when the Home/Demanding State confirms the juvenile has been returned.

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