Violation Report and Reply

Violation Report and Reply

The Violation Report and Reply workflow allows for the Receiving State’s ICJO to send a Violation Report to the Sending State’s ICJO. Based on the decision marked at the bottom of the Violation Report form, the Receiving State ICJO will select either “Send Violation Report: Continue Supervision,” “Send Violation Report: Request Revocation,” or “Send Violation Report: Request Discharge.” The Sending State has 10 business days to respond to a request for revocation or discharge.

  • If “Send Violation Report: Continue Supervision” is selected, the Sending State completes the workflow. The Receiving State receives an email notification only.
  • If “Send Violation Report: Request Revocation” or “Send Violation Report: Request Discharge” is selected, the Sending State’s ICJO enters a response on the Violation Report form and selects “Send Response to Violation Report” within 10 business days.
  • The Receiving State’s ICJO receives the file to review and completes the workflow.

If the Sending State has not responded to the Receiving State within 10 business days of receiving a Violation Report where revocation or discharge is requested, the Sending State will receive an email reminder notification that the response is overdue.  The Step name on the Sending State's Global Assignment's page changes to "10 Day Due Date Passed."

If the Sending State will retake the juvenile, the Receiving State starts the Return for Failed Supervision workflow.

If the Sending State will close the case, they enter a Form X and start the Case Closure - From Sending State workflow. Alternately, the Receiving State can start the Case Closure - From Receiving State workflow.



Click here to view the step-by-step workflow guide. 

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