Return for Failed Supervision - Prior to 1/14/2019

Return for Failed Supervision - for version prior to 1/14/2019

The Return for Failed Supervision workflow allows for the Receiving State’s ICJO to initiate the process for the return of a juvenile to their home state, whose supervision has failed in the receiving state.

After the Receiving State’s ICJO sends notice to the Sending State’s ICJO, the Sending State’s ICJO has 5 business days to send the Receiving State the Travel Plan for the juvenile. On the 5th business day, the Sending State’s ICJO receives a notification that the Travel Plan is due. At this point, they have the option to send the Travel Plan or request a 5 business day extension.

When the Sending State’s ICJO sends the Travel Plan to the Receiving State’s ICJO, the Receiving State’s ICJO gets an email notification.

When the juvenile is returned to the Sending State, the Sending State’s ICJO completes the workflow.

Click here to view the step-by-step workflow guide.

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