Quarterly Progress Report

Quarterly Progress Report

The Quarterly Progress Report workflow allows for the Receiving State’s ICJO to send a Quarterly Progress Report to the Sending State’s ICJO. Based on the decision marked at the bottom of the Quarterly Progress Report form, the Sending State’s ICJO will select either “Send QPR: Continue Supervision” or “Send QPR: Request Discharge.”

  • If “Send QPR: Continue Supervision” is selected, the Sending State completes the workflow.
  • If “Send QPR: Request Discharge” is selected, the Sending State’s ICJO has the following options: “Respond to Discharge Request: Denied” or “Respond to Discharge Request: Approved.”
  • If “Respond to Discharge Request: Denied” is selected, the Receiving State receives an email notification only and the workflow ends.
  • If “Respond to Discharge Request: Approved” is selected, the file transitions to the Case Closure – From Sending State workflow. The file remains on the Sending State’s page. See the Case Closure – From Sending State workflow for more information.

The Sending State has 60 calendar days to respond to the Receiving State’s discharge request. On the 60th calendar day, the Sending State’s ICJO will be sent a notification email to remind them that they need to respond. After responding, the Receiving State’s ICJO will complete the workflow.



Click here to view the step-by-step workflow guide. 

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