Travel Permit - Testing Residence

Travel Permit – Testing Residence

The Travel Permit – Testing Residence workflow allows for the Sending State’s ICJO to send a Travel Permit (for Testing Residence) to the Receiving State’s ICJO. Upon receiving the workflow, the Receiving State’s ICJO selects “Request Referral Packet.”

Next, the Sending State’s ICJO has 30 calendar days to select either “Residence Not Pursued” or “Residence Pursued.”

  • If “Residence Not Pursued” is selected, the workflow ends.
  • If “Residence Pursued” is selected, the file transitions into the Request for Transfer of Supervision workflow. The Sending State submits a referral packet for the juvenile within 30 calendar days of the effective date of the Travel Permit. See the Request for Transfer of Supervision workflow for more information.

On the 30th calendar day, the Sending State’s ICJO receives an email to alert them that the referral packet is due.


Click here to view the step-by-step workflow guide.

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