Expedited Request for Transfer of Supervision (Juvenile Sex Offender)

If a juvenile sex offender requires placement with a legal guardian prior to acceptance of supervision, under provision of Rule 4-104(4), the sending state shall determine if the circumstances of the juvenile’s immediate placement justify the use of a travel permit, including appropriateness of placement. The sending state shall justify use of Travel Permit.

The sending state shall:

  • Determine if circumstances for immediate relocation justify using a travel permit
  • Consider the appropriateness of the residence
  • Provide an approved travel permit
  • Provide a written explanation why ICJ procedures could not be followed
  • Transmit ICJ referral within 10  businesses days of issuing a travel permit
  • Communicate registration and/or reporting requirements to the juvenile and family
  • Maintain supervision responsibility until receiving state accepts supervision

The receiving state shall:

  • Advise sending state of registration and/or reporting instructions
  • Supervise juvenile pursuant to reporting instructions from the receiving state

For more information, see Rule 4-103

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