Quarterly Report Monitor

The Quarterly Report Monitor workflow sends the Receiving State ICJO a notification email and assignment 75 calendar days after a Transfer of Supervision workflow is complete, to remind them to complete and return a Quarterly Progress Report by the 90 calendar day mark. This notification and assignment will only appear if the Transfer case status is "Active" on the juvenile's File Details page.

If the Quarterly Report Monitor is still on the Receiving State ICJO Global Assignments page at the 90 calendar day mark, they receive another email and the Step updates to "Quarterly Progress Report Due."

The Receiving State ICJO ensures that the E-form IX: Quarterly Progress Report is filled  out in JIDS and routes it to the Sending State ICJO using the Quarterly Progress Report workflow route. Click here to view the Quarterly Progress Report workflow guide.

The Receiving State ICJO must select “Continue Receiving Quarterly Notifications” on the Quarterly Report Monitor to reset the timer in JIDS. If you do not click this, you will not receive another reminder in 75 calendar days.

If you received duplicate notifications for the same file, click the workflow icon to “Cancel Duplicate Quarterly Progress Report Alert.

 Click here to view the workflow diagram.

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