What do the E-mail Notifications Look Like in JIDS?


Users will receive email notifications in the JIDS system when the following events occur:

  • An item has been routed to the user/their state to work.
  • A deadline has occurred for an item that has been routed to the user/their state.

Notification emails contain a variety of information about what was sent to you, the juvenile file it is in relation to, and who routed it to you. An example of what one of these emails looks like is below.


  • Selecting the File Link will bring you to the File Details page for the juvenile file.
  • Selecting the Document Link will launch the web viewer and bring you to the exact document that has been routed to you to work.

IMPORTANT: You must be logged out of JIDS if you want to select one of these links. 

If you are logged into JIDS when you receive a notification email, go to your Assignments page to view the document routed to you. Do not click on the email link.

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