What does “Remember Fields” mean on the File Entry screen?

The Remember Fields checkbox at the bottom of the Add Content screen is a useful tool if you are creating multiple similar juvenile files at a given time, such as siblings who are both transferring to another state. Checking the Remember Fields box will save the inputted data for a juvenile file in the Add Content page, allowing you to easily make any changes and save an additional juvenile file without having to input all of the data again.

To utilize this feature:

1.  Go to the Add Content page from your left hand navigation.


2.  Enter information for a juvenile file you want to create.

a.  Select the Remember Fields checkbox.  Click Save and Add Another.


 3.  The page will refresh, and a green banner will appear at the top of your page to let you know your first juvenile file was created. You will remain on the Add Content-File Details page. Notice all of the fields are already filled out with the juvenile information of the previous file you created.

4.  Make any changes necessary and click Save.
5.  The window will refresh and you will be brought to the File Details page for the second juvenile file created.




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