JIDS was archived on May 12, 2021. Only state Compact Offices can access JIDS through May 17, 2022.

JIDS uses data from the Final Travel Plan form to track airport surveillance statistics.  The home/demanding or holding state must fill this out in JIDS. The airport surveillance state cannot access the form through JIDS due to file security.  If the home/demanding or holding state doesn’t enter the airport surveillance state on the Final Travel Plan form , the surveillance state will not get credit on the Airport Surveillance Requests Met custom reports.  

If you are filling out this form, ensure that you select the surveillance state(s) from the Layover State fields:




Users should not enter a separate JIDS case to only count airport surveillance. The Final Travel Plan is part of the Return process.  JIDS will account for airport surveillance as long as users select a state in the Layover State field(s) on the form. 

There is not a process in JIDS to send airport surveillance requests to the surveillance state. This must be done outside of JIDS, through email or via phone. Click here to learn how to email a form from a juvenile's file. 


Compact offices can view their state's airport surveillance statistics by running the "Airport Surveillance Requests Met" Summary or Detail report. 


Open Custom Reports:  


Select the Airport Surveillance Requests Met Summary or Detail report: 



Note:  the date range comes from the "Date Travel Plan Submitted" field on the Final Travel Plan form.  As of 08/20/2015, this is the only required field on this form:



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