What e-forms require outside signatures?

The e-forms that require outside signatures are:    

  • Form I
  • Form II
  • Form III
  • Form IA/VI
  • Form VII 
  • Form A
  • Juvenile Rights Form
  • Order Setting Hearing for Requisition of an Escapee, Absconder or Accused Delinquent
  • Order Setting Hearing for the Requisition for a Runaway Juvenile
  • Petition for Hearing on Requisition for Escapee, Absconder, or Accused Delinquent
  • Petition for Hearing on Requisition for Runaway Juvenile

The type of signature required varies by form.


How does this work in JIDS?

First, fill in the e-form and click "Save".   Having problems saving an e-form?

Second, print the e-form and obtain required signatures. How do I print a form in JIDS?

Next, scan the document as a PDF or image file and save it on your computer.   Why?

Finally, add the signed e-form into the juvenile's file. How do I add a scanned document? 

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