Do I have to enter a new JIDS file for each new interstate event?

Any time a juvenile has a new interstate event, start a new file in JIDS.




Each juvenile interstate transaction requires a new JIDS file. This means a juvenile could have a JIDS file for a Transfer, a separate file for a return , and numerous files for Travel Permits.  It is very important that users do not find an existing file and change one of the states for a new interstate transaction. This prevents the previous state from viewing the file contents of which their state has interest.  Also, simply switching the To and From state fields changes the file data and can interfere with workflows that are in progress and will affect statistical reporting. 

Enter a new JIDS file for a juvenile who has a new interstate transaction.

What about Travel Permits?

For reporting purposes, Travel Permits are only counted once per file. Multiple travel permits in a file will not be counted in the Travel Permits Issued Custom Reports. If a Travel Permit is used as part of the Request for Transfer of Supervision, it should go in the Transfer file.  This is applicable if a Travel Permit is issued for an expedited transfer or testing residence.

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