I was typing on an e-form, and when I clicked "save" I was prompted to login again. Why?

Users are automatically logged out of JIDS after 30 minutes of inactivity for security purposes 


Typing on an e-form is not considered "active" because you are not sending or receiving data from the JIDS server.  If you are typing on an e-form in excess of 30 minutes, when you click "Save" you will be asked to verify your login credentials because your session is no longer valid, as you have not actively communicated with the JIDS server in 30 minutes.

What actions are considered "active" verses "inactive" in JIDS ?



Active includes actions such as:

  • adding new juvenile files
  • opening juvenile files
  • performing searches
  • running reports
  • clicking on e-forms
  • uploading documents
  • initiating workflow
  • using workflow icons
  • saving e-forms

Any action that requires communication between your computer and the JIDS server is considered "active." 



The following list includes examples of inactivity:

  • Having the Global Assignments page open, but not performing any actions
  • Having a file open but not performing any actions, such as saving a form or initiating workflow
  • Having the web viewer open and typing on a e-form in excess of 30 minutes  

If it takes longer than 30 minutes to type on an e-form, and you are not performing any other actions in the system, you can be logged out as you are not submitting or receiving any communication with the JIDS server.


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