JIDS was archived on May 12, 2021. Only state Compact Offices can access JIDS through May 17, 2022.

When the receiving state compact office receives the Travel Packet from the sending state, they have the orange asterisk icon to complete the workflow.  Reviewing a file’s Workflow Status Report indicates when this action occurred.


How do I access the Workflow Status Report?

First, navigate to the juvenile’s File Details page by clicking their last name from the Global Assignments or Search results page. Select “All” next to “Workflow Activity” to open the Workflow Status Report.



 Which Route Name and Step Name indicate that the receiving state compact office clicked “Juvenile Transfer Complete” on the transfer workflow?

Users can determine the date the “Juvenile Transfer Complete” workflow icon was clicked on the transfer workflow by examining the Completed date in the row where the Route Name is Request for Transfer of Supervision, and the Step Name is Travel Packet from Sending State:

Clicking “Juvenile Transfer Complete” on the Request for Transfer of Supervision Workflow starts the timer for Quarterly Progress Report reminders. 

Click here to read more about the Workflow Status Report.






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