JIDS was archived on May 12, 2021. Only state Compact Offices can access JIDS through May 17, 2022.

JIDS uses session cookies.  Users can experience kick-outs, or may not be able to log into the system, if the privacy settings within the web browser are set to block cookies.

In Internet Explorer, open "Internet Options" from the Tools menu. 


Navigate to the "Privacy" tab.  Under "Select a setting for the Internet zone,"  move the bar down until the screen reads "Low.


 Click "Apply" and exit the Internet Options screen.  


Alternately, you may choose to allow for First-party cookies only, while blocking Third-party cookies. To do this, click the "Advanced" button located below the bar.  Check "Override automatic cookie handling." 

Under First-party Cookies, click the radio button to "Accept." Check the box to "Always allow session cookies."   

Under Third-party Cookies, click the radio button to "Block."  


Click "Ok" when finished, and "Apply" on the Internet Options screen.


Next, add JIDS to the Trusted Sites list.

  • Navigate to the Security tab and click the green check for Trusted Sites.
  • Click the grey box titled Sites
  • On the Trusted Sites pop-up (see blue box below) enter http://www.juvenilecompact.org and click "Add" then "Close"





In Mozilla Firefox, cookies are automatically enabled.


Please note that users are automatically logged out if JIDS after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is a security measure and should be distinguished from a true kick-out. Also note that typing on an e-form is not considered being "Active" - click here to learn more.

If the above fixes to not alleviate the issue, please contact your IT department as the cause for kick-outs could be related to firewalls and network security.  The information in the PDF document below will assist IT personnel in diagnosing the issue. 


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