E-form VIII and IX: Different font/text size in text boxes

The large text box fields on these forms are formatted as rich text fields. When text is copied from an outside source and pasted in these fields, the text may be a different font, or a larger size.  As a result, when a user attempts to print out the form, the full text may not print.   

To address this issue, the user can do one of the following:

1) Type directly into the text box without copying and pasting;

2) Use Helvetica font size 10 in the source document (where you are copying the text from); or

3) Copy the text from the affected text box, paste it into the Windows Notepad program to clear all formatting, and then copy and paste back into the E-form and Save the form.



If a user types directly into these fields without copying and pasting, this issue will not occur.


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