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There is a known compatibility issue with Adobe Acrobat and the JIDS web viewer freezing up. Please review the video below to see an example of this issue: 

 For HD Quality click the gear icon PlayerGear.png in the player and select 720p.  

Hover your mouse over the video and select the expand icon  to view full-screen:

The resolution for this issue is to install Adobe Acrobat Reader (available here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/) and set it up as the default PDF file viewer. 

After downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat Reader, set the default PDF viewer to Adobe Acrobat Reader instead of Adobe Acrobat:

  1. Open the Control Panel and select Programs:WebViewerAdobeAcrobat1.jpg
  2. Select Default Programs:WebViewerAdobeAcrobat2.jpg
  3. Select "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" :WebViewerAdobeAcrobat3.jpg
  4. Select "Choose default apps by file type" (example in Windows 10): WebViewerAdobeAcrobat4.jpg
  5. Scroll down the list of file types until you see .pdf Click on the icon to the right of .pdf and select "Adobe Acrobat Reader" on the Choose an app menu.
  6. Repeat this step for .pdfxml file typesWebViewerAdobeAcrobat6.jpg
  7. Next, open the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.
  • Select Edit and Preferences


  • Select General in the upper-left hand Category section and click "Set As Default PDF Handler" then OKadobe3.jpg

7. Next, clear the cache in Internet Explorer. Follow instructions here

8. Finally, open Internet Explorer Tools and open the Manage add-ons menu:

  • Go to "Tools" which is the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner of the browser
  • Select "Manage Add Ons"


Under "Show:" select "All add-ons." 


  • Locate Adobe Systems, Incorporated
  • Even if the add-ons indicate that they are "Enabled," Disable each item and re-enable them. To do this, hover over the add-on name and right click your mouse until you see the menu below, and select Disable. Do this again and select Enable:


Close all open browsing sessions. Open a new browsing session in Internet Explorer 11 and proceed to use JIDS.



But wait, there's more...

Now all PDF documents will open with the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. If you need to open a PDF document to edit after changing your default .pdf viewer to Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can right click on the PDF document and select "Open With" and choose "Adobe Acrobat"


The Adobe Acrobat program allows users to edit PDF documents from their desktop. In contrast, the Adobe Acrobat Reader program is a free program that allows for viewing PDF documents only. 

The JIDS Helpdesk thanks the State of Idaho for sharing information regarding the solution.

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