JIDS Enhancements: July 1, 2018

The following JIDS enhancements will take effect July 1, 2018:


Form Name                           Description of Edit

Form IA/VI - Application for Services and Waiver

Language edits to Memorandum of Understanding and Waiver section.

Form will have a new revision date. Ensure your state is using the newest form on July 1, 2018. If your state posts ICJ forms on your state's website or intranet, please submit the new form to your IT department to upload.

Download form here

Form V - Report of Sending State Upon Parolee or Probationer Being Sent to the Receiving State

Default State field to blank.

Form will not have a a new revision date as the change is cosmetic.

Form IV - Parole or Probation Investigation Request 

For PDF version on Commission's website only, a drop-down menu will be added to the Status field for "Probation" or "Parole."

Note: This change does not affect the form in JIDS, as the Form V already populates the Status from the File Details page.

Form will not have a new revision date as the change is cosmetic. 



                                                  Description of Edit

Human Trafficking Case?

A NEW optional field will be added to the File Details page for states to track human trafficking statistics.

Options for the new field: No, Suspected, Confirmed. The field will default to blank and will not be required to save a new file.



Report Name                            Description of Edit

Pending Quarterly Progress Report Detail Report Edit report to include the submission of Violation and Absconder reports in QPR due dates. Now, Form IX's submitted via the Quarterly Progress Report, Violation Report and Reply, or Absconder Violation Report workflow will be counted as a submitted QPR. 



                                                  Description of Edit

Search Results Grid 

The Sending and Receiving State Compact Office Assign Fields will now appear in Search results. 

NEW Human Trafficking field will appear in Search results.



                                                  Description of Edit

Adding New Users If an account was deactivated and is not on the state's User List and the compact office administrator attempts to re-add the account, the following message will appear: "This user account already exists. Contact the JIDS Helpdesk to reactivate the account." 


Workflow Title                         Description of Edit

Return for Failed Supervision Removal of notes box at the ICJO Sending Final Travel Plan step, as the notes are not viewable by the Holding State due to the step being an email notification step only. 
Request for Transfer of Supervision At the Returned from ICJO Receiving step, edit the "Send Travel Packet" icon language to "Transfer Request Finalized." Edits to email notification language.

 Download a PDF version of this list:


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