Add a New User Account in JIDS via User Management

This 3 minute video clip (no audio) demonstrates how compact offices add new user accounts via User Management. 


The video demonstration also shows the new user's first steps to login to JIDS. Each new user account must submit a User Agreement. This process allows the new user to login for the first time where they will be forced to reset their password. For more information about first-time login procedures, click here.

 Hover your mouse over the video and select the expand icon  to view full-screen. For HD Quality click the gear icon PlayerGear.png in the player and select 720p.:



Important Considerations for Adding New User Accounts


Usernames are unique to each user, and only one user per email address is allowed. Enter email addresses in all lower case letters. 

What role will the new user have? The role determines the group designation for permissions in the system.

  • Compact Office Administrator (Group = ICJO), 
  • Juvenile Probation Supervisor (Group = JPS), or 
  • Juvenile Parole/Probation Officer (Group = JPO)


Passwords must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Be a minimum length of eight (8) characters
  2. Include a mix of lowercase and uppercase
  3. Include one special character (!*&%, etc.)
  4. Include one number
  5. Not be a dictionary word or proper name
  6. Not be the same as the User ID
  7. Not be identical to the previous ten (10) passwords.

If you're trying to add a user account that was previously active but has been deactivated, you will see the following message and be prompted to contact the JIDS Helpdesk for assistance:





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