Return Workflow Changes - January 2019

The Technology Committee approved edits to the return workflows in JIDS to be more consistent with the processes outlined in the ICJ Rules. These changes will go into effect on January 14, 2019.

As of January 14, each return that is not related to a failed supervision will begin with either the Juvenile Apprehended in Holding State (initiated by the Holding State) or Request to Apprehend Juvenile (initiated by the Home/Demanding State) workflow. Depending upon whether the juvenile signs the Form III, the return automatically transitions to a Voluntary or Non-Voluntary Return.

The options to initiate a Voluntary or Non-Voluntary Workflow will no longer be available.

States will have workflow options such as "Return Request Withdrawn" and "Juvenile Refuses Form III." In addition, a return can change from a Non-Voluntary to a Voluntary workflow without having to cancel and restart a new workflow. This allows JIDS to track the time for a return more accurately. 

Also, the Travel Plan submission is completely removed from all return processes and may be used optionally as an independent workflow within the return or transfer file. Now the assignment will be on the Holding/Receiving State's Global Assignments page to complete, whereas before some workflows only sent an email notification to the Holding/Receiving State for the Travel Plan. 

In addition, the Return for Failed Supervision workflow will no longer include the Travel Plan submission.

These edits allow JIDS to more accurately capture the 5 business-day requirement for returns (including the 5 business-day extension).


A recorded version of the live JIDS Return Workflow Trainings will be available on the Commission's website soon.

A recording of the training will be posted to the On Demand training site for those who cannot attend a training. 

Workflow Diagrams and Guides

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Compact Offices

Please ensure your state's user are aware of the upcoming changes to the return workflows, as not every JIDS user is subscribed to the JIDS Spotlight newsletter. 

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