Communication & Time frame Extensions

Communication, JIDS, and Time frame Extensions
During times of emergency, the best of interest of juveniles, families, victims, and communities is a priority.  Nonetheless, according to the ICJ Emergency Policy 05-2009, states must ensure that vital operations are continued to the greatest extent possible and communicate essential information to the National Office for distribution.  Furthermore, when an emergency affects a majority of states, “time frames may be extended beyond the ICJ Rule-related time frames with the approval from both ICJ offices."

Communicate Contact Information & Restrictions
Communication is key to ensuring successful outcomes for juveniles and communities.  To share temporary contact information or notify others about restrictions, please click here to complete the brief, online form.  This link may be used to make supplemental updates, as needed. Please visit the ICJ State Restrictions page to review state-specific information:
Use JIDS to Document Extensions or Delays
Time frames and due dates are not adjustable in JIDS; therefore, you may have a number of cases that go into overdue steps. Please allow the JIDS files to accurately reflect the extensions and delays and do not try to route things that haven’t been completed. This will allow us to assess the coronavirus’s real impact on ICJ cases from a historical and statistical perspective.
Please document in JIDS files when extensions or delays are necessary. JIDS users may utilize File Notes, Workflow Notes, or a Communication Request Form and the corresponding workflow to document time frame extensions. Alternately, email correspondence may be uploaded as a PDF. It is important to have a historical record of any time frame extensions. Please clearly document that both ICJ Offices approve of the extension.
Example: JIDS File Notes Accessed via File Details Page
Example: JIDS File Notes Accessed via File (Web Viewer)
Example: JIDS Workflow Notes - the benefit of this option is that text is stored in the Workflow Report and is not editable.
Example: JIDS Communication Request and Workflow

Compliance-related Concerns
While it is important to continue vital operations to the greatest extent possible, your state will not be assessed on ICJ Compliance Standards as part of a routine Performance Measurement Assessment for this period of time.
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