Understanding and Navigating the different UNITY sites. 

The UNITY Production Site contains all new cases and migrated cases from JIDS. This is the data management system for processing all juvenile compact transfers of supervision, returns, and travel permits.

The UNITY Training Site is an interactive virtual environment where learners can test new skills without impacting the live site. This site houses test cases for training purposes. 

  • Though the UNITY “Production” and “Training” sites are VERY similar, there are a few subtle differences. To avoid entry of cases into the wrong site, take special care to ensure you are logging into the correct one.
  • The UNITY “Production” Site Login has BLUE accent colors.
  • The UNITY “Training” Site has GREEN accent colors. 


UNITY “Production” (Live) Site Login 

Blue Accent Colors







 UNITY “Training” Site Login

Green Accent Colors






Talent LMS Site


Talent LMS is a platform to provide guidance and tutorials on how to use the UNITY system. There is no set time limit and advance reservations are not required on either.










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