UNITY users have multiple options for downloading case documents: 

Note: The images below were taken using Google Chrome. Other browsers may display downloaded items differently than the examples below. 

Download All Case Task Documents from Case Task Bar

Note: This method will only combine and download documents uploaded via a Case Task. If a document was uploaded to the "Case Documents" section of a case, it will NOT be included using this method. See more information below on how to Download Individual Documents from "Case Documents" Section

Tip: Add a Task Line to add other documents rather than adding them in the Case Documents section.

  1. On the Case Task Bar (dark blue bar with juvenile's name) click the document + downward arrow icon. mceclip0.png This action will combine all of the documents uploaded via a Case Task into a compressed zip folder. This makes the total size smaller. You can email the zip folder to a recipient such as JPO, or you can extract the files from the folder to view and/or combine the PDF documents. CaseTasksDownload.jpg
  2. When the compressed zip folder is downloaded, it will appear in bottom left corner of the browser: CaseDocsZip1.jpg
  3. Double click the folder to view the contents. Users must then extract the files in order to view generated forms (e.g., IV, VI) and/or combine documents using Adobe Acrobat Pro. To extract the files from the compressed folder, click on "Compressed Folder Tools" underneath the pink "Extract" bar, then select "Extract All."CaseDocsExtract1.jpg
  4. Next, click "Browse" and locate the folder on your computer to which you wish to save the documents.CaseDocs_Extract6.jpg
  5. Click "Select Folder" to choose the destination.CaseDocsExtract2.jpg
  6. Finally, with the desired folder destination now appearing in the box, click "Extract." CaseDocsExtract3.jpg   Note: if you receive the following message, simply click "Skip" until the process is complete. CaseDocs_Extract7.jpg
  7. Now, you may view all documents & generated forms and combine the PDFs into one file using Adobe Acrobat Pro. One simple way to do this is to highlight all case documents, right click on your mouse, and then select "Combine files in Acrobat." For more information on combining files using Adobe Acrobat, view this help center article: Combine documents using Adobe Acrobat CaseDocsExtract5.jpg

Download Individual Documents from Case Task Row

  1. Users can download one document as needed from a Case Task Row. Locate the document you wish to download and select the green View Uploaded Document icon to open the document in an new browser tab. Tip: If the document hasn't yet been generated or you don't see the green icon, click the gear icon gear.jpgfirst to generate the form.IndividualDoc1.jpg
  2. From the view screen, select the Download icon and save the file to your computer.IndividualDoc2.jpg

Download Individual Documents from "Case Documents" Section

  1. First, expand the "Case Documents" section. CaseDocsSection1.jpg
  2. Next, select "View" for the document you wish to download. CaseDocsSection2.jpg
  3. Finally, click the Download icon and save the file to your computer.                         download_pdf.jpg



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