ICJO user can reset their state's users' passwords.

  1. Navigate to the User screen under the Administration menu item.                      image_3.jpg
  2. Search for the user that needs a password reset and click the blue arrow icon to open the Edit User screen.image_4.jpg
  3. Click the green "Reset Password" icon. image_1.jpg
  4. On the Reset Password screen, select a new password and enter it into the two password fields. Click "Reset Password."     Remember: passwords must contain at least 2 upper-case letters, 2 lower-case letters, 2 numbers, 2 special characters such as !@$#%, and cannot be one of the previous 3 passwords.image_2.jpg
  5. Click "Return to User Profile."  Note the confirmation message in the green ribbon.image_3.jpg
  6. Email the user their new password.
  7. Encourage all users to set up their 3 Challenge Questions so they can reset their password and unlock their account. 
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