• Date:              11-30-22
  • Steps:             Process Steps to step up Tableau Report as a Favorite
  • Video:            180 Second Video
  • Images:          2 Overview Images
  • Objective:       Review how to add this report or other reports to your Tableau Favorites Home Page

Please Note:

  • Go into the report and practice the "Filter", column "Sorting", and review the column headers
  • Update cases and states involved where the Max Date is less than or equal to the current date
  • By clicking on the report row, the Tableau report will open to the specific UNITY TOS Case


Set up the newly release Tableau Report "Maximum Probation / Parole Date on Active TOS Cases" by

  • Select        "Explore" in the navigation pane
  • Select        "UNITY Reports" in the panel
  • Select        "Maximum Parole/Probation Date on Active TOS Cases" in the panel
  • Star             "Max Parole Probation Date Active Cases"
  • Select         "Favorites" in the navigation panel 
  • Click On     "Max Parole Probation Date Active Cases" in the panel to open the Tableau report


Video Overview:  








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