Please Note: 

  • Best Practice: 
      • Ensure you have all expired Maximum Parole/Probation Date TOS Cases properly updated
      • Structure the report to send as a .PDF to make the report easier to share with your state field officers
      • Set up for monthly delivery and review and take proactive operational steps once received. Use the "Date" filter to view expired and upcoming case dates.
      • Structure the "Message" in the email to include you operational steps for the review and the proactive processes fir the case.


  • When in the Tableau Report, go to "Watch" and in the dropdown select "Subscriptions"
  • A popup window will appear.  Make the following selections
      • Include:                              This View
      • Format:                               PDF
      • Subject:                               Will auto fill to report name but you can change the subject
      • Message:                             Add your custom message
      • Schedule Periodicity:              Select:    Hourly,  Daily,  Weekly, or Monthly 
      • Schedule Every/At:                 Select:    7:00
      • Schedule From/At/On:           Select:    First
      • Schedule To/Day of Week:    Select:    Tuesday
  • Select "Subscribe"
  • You will receive the email on the structured cycle.  


Video Overview:  









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