Please Note: 

  • The default setting on the report is "This Year".  
  • Best Practice: 
      • Ensure you have all expired Maximum Parole/Probation Date TOS Cases properly updated by filtering on "Previous Year" and updating expired TOS cases in the current year.  The "Previous Year" filter results will be blank if all TOS cases are properly updated.   
      • Schedule the report monthly to come into your email inbox
  • The "Maximum Parole / Probation Expiration" date is found in the TOS Case Section "Court Case".  See below image of the TOS Case Section


  • When you open the Tableau Report the filter default is "This Year"
  • Click on the filter dropdown  "This Year"
  • Select the period of time to filter the report:  "Years" -  "Quarters"  -  "Months"  -  "Weeks"  -  "Days"
    • Then select the whether you want the "Previous"  "This"  or "Next"   time period   --OR--
    • Select the "Last"  "Next"  & insert the #  or  "Period to date"
  • The Report will display only those case where the Maximum Parole/Probation Date matches the selection
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