• Date:           11-30-2022
  • Steps:          Triggers for the Optional HE "Obtain Signed...."  Task Lines
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  • Objective:     As the Sending State, understand what generates the HE optional task lines
                              "Upload Signed Form VI and/or Conditions of Supervision".  As the Receiving
                              State, understand why and where the HE task lines are generated.

Please Note: 

  • Sending State:  You only need to Toggle the 'Check Box" for the signatures for the form VI and conditions if you NEED the other state to get the signatures. 
  • Receiving State:  Although it is optional, it is important for the Receiving State to obtain signatures on Form VI and Conditions for Supervision when the Sending State makes the request in the Referral section of the Transfer of Supervision.  These are to be uploaded in the Home Evaluation section.


For the Sending State to trigger the optional "Upload Signed Form VI" and/or  "Upload Signed Conditions of Supervision" 

  • Toggle      "Obtain juveniles signature on Form VI" in the "Referral" data block of the
                          "Transfer of Supervision Referral" to trigger the task line "Upload Signed
                           Form VI" in the Home Evaluation section
  • Toggle      "Obtain signature on Conditions of Supervision" in the "Referral" data block
                           of the "Transfer of Supervision Referral" to trigger the task line "Upload signed
                           Conditions of Supervision Signed Form VI" in the Home Evaluation section






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