• Date:            1-26-23
  • Steps:            Enter the most recent "Case Notes"  on top and use a consistent descriptive naming protocol
  • Video:           1:20  1 Minute 20 Seconds
  • Images:         1
  • Objective:      Make easily visible the most recent data for the case managers.

Please Note: 

  • Being able to review important Case Notes chronologically with the most recent on top facilitates case management. 
  • Using initials and dates helps tie the Case Notes to the proper person and time frame in the case file


  • When entering a new "Case Note" place the cursor in front of the top case note and click the Enter Key
  • In the new top data entry line, enter the new Case Note:  Date XX-XX-XX    Initials :    Appropriate Descriptive Case Note 
  • Once entered, Click on the "Save" button


Video Overview:  









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