• Date:            5-18-23

Objective:  Overview the UNITY Enhancements for the June 2023 Release

        Training Database Release:    Tuesday May 23, 2023

        UNITY System Release:           Tuesday June 13, 2023


Floating Case Information :



Return Case Titling in Master Task List Search Results




Auto Task Generator


Generation of Forms: UNITY will automatically generate (or re-generate) all applicable forms pertaining the current open and active case sections being submitted from JPO to JPS to ICJO and when transmitted across state lines.  For example: Generate Form VII, VI, IV, VIII, IX, III, Juvenile Rights, II, and Final Travel Plan.  You no longer need to manually regenerate the form.

  • Example: Upon a Transfer of Supervision being submitted to the Receiving State, the system would automatically generate (or re-generate) the Form IV which will complete the form with the name of the ICJO who submitted



Case Task Line Icon Changes





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